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We also do a complete 10 year review of your taxes to see if there are any other unclaimed credits that available to you.

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Conditions that May Qualify

Eligibility for the Disability Tax Credit and the Child Disability Benefit is based upon how your child is affected in one of the following activities of daily life.


Does your child have pain that affects their ability to walk? Do they need to take breaks when walking in order to regain their strength or catch their breath?


Has your child's ability to feed themselves or prepare food been affected? Do they have arthritis or any other disability that makes having a meal a challenge?


Does it take longer for your child to get dressed because they suffer from limited mobility, pain or stiffness? Do they even require assistance from another person in order to dress themselves?


Does your child stutter or have a lisp? Are they seeing a speech-language pathologist for a speaking or voice disorder?


Does your child suffer from hearing loss and have to constantly ask people to repeat themselves? Do they rely on lip reading or sign language in order to understand other people?


Do you find your child going to the bathroom all the time? Or do they experience pain that causes them to spend a long time in the bathroom?

Mental Functions Necessary for Everyday Life

Does your child have autism or ADHD, or suffer from anxiety or depression? Do they have a psychological disability or condition that keeps them from completing their daily tasks?

Life-Sustaining Therapy

Does your child use insulin to treat their diabetes? Are they on dialysis or require oxygen or chest physiotherapy?

It has been our pleasure to helps thousands of Canadians get approved for the Disability Tax Credit and the Child Disability Benefit and get the refunds that they deserve.
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